Is my start-up a good fit for Arka?

Any B2B tech / Enterprise / SaaS start-up looking to build a global company with their primary customer being in US/Northern Europe is encouraged to reach out.

We invest in pre-seed and seed stage start-ups. You can be pre-revenue and pre-traction as long as you have a MVP ready to do a pilot or onboard an early adopter.

Occasionally, we incubate ideas where we have deep operational and investment experience based on a few thesis we have developed.

At Arka, we want to help the company position itself to create a space in the global market. Global ambitions are critical.

Deep understanding of the market and market dynamics.

Founding team, their backgrounds and their cohesiveness.

Deep technical knowledge and differentiation.

Prefer “as-a-service” business models, cloud native stacks and full stack solutions.

Making use of the amazing talent pool in India across both development and go-to-market sides of the business.

Ability to get coaching and mentoring from our network to get to product market fit faster.

Vertical Solutions

Digital Acceleration

Emerging Tech

$100k - $500k in the first round. We also work with our network of co-investors to bring in more capital to help you close your round.

Introduction: An initial meeting to discuss the opportunity and get to know you. We ask founders to share relevant material beforehand.

Deep Dive: In this phase we get to know the tech, vision,  product, roadmap and possibly a demo.

Customer / Tech reference call: We bring in a few of our venture partners/ functional specialists with relevant experience who can both provide feedback & help the company.

Investment Committee: A Q&A session with the full investment team.

Companies targeting the US market benefit greatly from being a US Delaware company. Ask us about our learnings from the 30+ companies in our portfolio.

We have supported founders in their journey to be a global company. While we cannot provide immigration help (as we are not immigration attorneys), we have a lot of learnings to share. Ask us about it.

Get in touch with us if you are building something that businesses want