Arka Spring Showcase - Jan '21

Arka spring showcase is an invite-only coming together of the best minds in the US-India cross-border startup ecosystem where we have our founders showcase their work and a set of insightful discussions on the US-India cross-border eco-system.

We started the year off with the Arka Spring Showcase where we had the best minds of the US-India cross border come and be a part of the bi-annual showcase. The session started off with a keynote by Eric Benhamou, (Founder, Benhamou Global Ventures). Eric spoke about the transformation of the global enterprise and enterprise trends to look forward to in 2021.  Arka startups did a showcase where they presented their work and spoke about their progress so far.

We then had Sanjay Nath (Co-founder, Blume Ventures), Rashmi Gopinath (General Partner, B Capital Group) & Ankur Jain (Founder, Emergent Ventures) for a riveting panel discussion on “The Emergence of Enterprise Innovation in the US-India Eco-System”.

This was followed by a great panel discussion on “Building and Scaling a cross-border startup led by Yashwanth Hemaraj (Partner, Benhamou Global Ventures) in conversation with  Rajoshi Ghosh (Co-founder, Hasura) & Shiv Agarwal (Co-founder, Arkin (acq. by VMWare).

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