Arka Talks ft. Obviously AI | No-Code & AI - Discussing the Endless Possibilities

In this episode, we feature our Arka startup founder & INK fellow Nirman Dave from Obviously AI in a panel discussion with Rafael Ugolini – a Sr. Engineering Manager at Collibra (a leading Data Intelligence company) and an Angel Investor. Along with, Avantika Mohapatra an ex-BMW engineer who now leads the charge in No-Code ML landscape as the partnerships head at AIxDesign.

Obviously AI enables anyone to quickly build and run AI models in minutes, without writing code. Crafted for a citizen analyst, Obviously AI sits in the heart of 3,000 BI teams across the world, delivering over 82,000 models since it’s launch in Feb 2020. It is a recommended no-code AI tool by Forbes and named among the top 5 no-code AI tools by Analytics Insight. Learn more on

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