The 3 Lean Marketing Principles of Highly Effective Startups

In this episode of Arka Talks, Elias Rubel of Mattermade talks about the 3 lean marketing principles of highly effective enterprise startups and how early-stage enterprise startups can leverage them.

Topics that were covered:

  • Lead Demand Gen: Is it smart to leverage ABM while running a hyper lean marketing program? How should we think about budgeting and channel testing in the post-covid economy? What cost-free demand gen strategy will always out preform companies with a bigger budget?
  • Growth Foundations: How do you set the right growth goals for your team? What does a best in class MarTech stack look like on a leaned out budget? What are the highest leverage growth channels that don’t cost a dime?
  • Marketing, the right way: What’s the most effective way for Sales and Marketing to partner? What’s the best way to focus your marketing efforts and messaging? How should we approach product marketing and leverage it to close more deals?
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